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Casey Cardinia Kids: What’s in your handbag or manbag that you would have never had pre-children?

Violet: The size of it has changed as well. I used to have this tiny bag that fit my smokes (that was when I smoked) and money (no wallet just cash or card). Now I have a suitcase!

Shez: Well as I look into my bag… I find a spare dummy, for losing the dummy would be disastrous and end in some kind of acts that I don’t even want to think about… then I find pawpaw cream which is always my saviour for itchy spots, sore bums and just about any complaint that I can rub cream into… then I dig a bit deeper and find a couple of toy cars for just in case things get a bit boring… and always have a packet of biscuits because those little tummies always get so hungry that they are going to die at the most inconvenient times… and lastly wipes or lots of tissues because it is not always a good look when mum has to use her top, pants or sleeves to clean up face mess and snotty noses! But I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Casey Cardinia Kids: What was your favourite thing to do for fun as a child?

Shona: We had a great tree in our backyard with a big fork branch. I used to climb up it and sit in that fork for ages. I would make up elaborate stories and the fork branch would become my bed or boat. Got to love a kid’s imagination.

Sarah: Building the biggest cubbyhouse inside using all the chairs and large painters sheets and the pillows and blankets inside, even more special to have a sleep over inside.

Ruth: I only remember drawing and painting. A LOT. I suppose it’s no surprise I became an art teacher and my daughter does exactly the same thing.

Melissa: Getting a big run up and swinging on the clothes line!! (I got in trouble but it was still fun).

Sonya: Rolling down big hills with friends and feeling dizzy afterwards.

Jessica: Climbing trees and riding pushbikes with friends for hours on end until it was dinner time.

Roslyn: Go to my Nanna’s and go yabbying!

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