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Panda Family Day Care is a leading family day care operating in the south east and western suburbs of Melbourne. It is one of the oldest and most established in-home care providers with an unenviable reputation for quality care, uncompromising adherence to compliance and a nurturing environment.
But one thing that defines Panda’s care is the incorporation of diverse forms of activities for children – from play based ones to outdoor pursuits.
It is proven that children delight when given the chance to explore, naturally within the limits provided, and they show the capacity to choose what they like. When they have had enough, they move on.
Children’s curiosity knows no limits. Panda always strives to match this.
Family day care offers children the best environment to explore, discover, learn and grow. After all, the setting for the children is a natural home environment, with additional equipment adding variety.
The blend of activities may differ from one educator to another, but what is constant is the educator’s flexibility to innovate and bring additional activities to suit children’s curiosity and needs.
Ultimately, Panda’s goal is to develop the child to grow into the best they can be. Family day care is truly a foundation for children, and this is a function that Panda takes to heart.

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