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Nobody would argue that swimming and water recreation is a big part of Australian living. Between our pristine beaches, rivers, pools and other waterways, Aussies spend many hours in and around the water.
But no matter how much people play it safe, water activities can be fraught with danger.
A total of 280 people drowned in Australian waterways between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016. Of these victims, 21 were aged just 0-4 years. And for the ones that do survive, many will go on to suffer lifelong implications to their health, according to latest reports.
Anna Loypur, owner of SwimWorld in Glen Waverley, urges all parents to consider learning to swim and survive as an essential skill that could one day save their child’s life. It should be equally as important as learning to read and write.
“We are surrounded by water in this country, however parents are still not placing these skills as a high priority and our drowning statistics are ever increasing,“ Anna said.
And it’s not just large waterways where accidents happen. Swimming pools account for the most drowning deaths in Australian children under 5. After this, baths and spas are just as common as rivers and lakes. Falling into the water is the cause of 81 per cent of drowning cases.*
SwimWorld’s First Class programs give every child the opportunity to learn from the best. Lessons can start as young as six months of age, and continue right through to adults. Babies begin in the ‘Little Squirts’ program and extend their water familiarisation through songs and water play. Most importantly, they learn correct safe entry and exit skills, with classes strongly focused on water survival.
Once a child reaches three years of age, they graduate into the Pre-school program, receiving a ‘Big Kid Now’ rash vest and commemorative certificate. They then progress to the learner program, followed by the more advanced squad program.
These courses help children not only learn how to swim, but also survive, so that in the unfortunate event they fall into a pool, bath, river or lake, the child will know how to recover and get safely out of the water, or know what to do until help arrives.
SwimWorld’s reputation comes from the school going above and beyond to meet the needs of parents. They pride themselves on working in small groups and helping mums and dads wherever possible. If a parent is swimming with one child, siblings can be occupied in the complimentary supervised childcare area where they enjoy craft and puzzle activities. The staff can even change your child and prepare them for the next lesson, so that you can focus on the child in the pool.
Lessons are held at SwimWorld seven days a week, including twilight classes that are popular with working parents.
The pool is kept at a comfortable 32 degrees, ensuring your child can enjoy lessons all year round. There’s a cafe onsite to grab a snack or coffee between lessons, and warm showers and hairdryers available for when you’re finished in the pool.
All instructors at SwimWorld are AUSTSWIM qualified and keep up their skills with ongoing training. Receptionists and management are CPR and Level 2 First Aid qualified, ensuring that your child is in the best hands at all times.
Recently, Australian swimming ambassador Laurie Lawrence expressed concern in parents using cost as an excuse not to get lessons. With 1/3 of children under 5 years of age not enrolled in swimming, that is a lot of lives being put at risk in the water.
SwimWorld is here to not only ensure you receive first class service, and first class survival tuition, but also ensure that lessons are affordable for everyone. “Gymnastics, footy, netball, dancing … they are all fun things to do … but swimming will save your child’s life”.
Learning to Swim. Learning to Survive. Give your child the Best Lesson in Life!

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