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St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Centre provides students an exciting opportunity to develop their skills within STEM related fields.
Students utilise the centre at the Warragul Junior School campus right from the start of their education, beginning with three-year-old kindergarten.
The program encompasses a cross-disciplinary approach that aims to raise foundational skills in STEM learning areas, by developing mathematical, scientific and technological literacy while promoting the development of essential skills for the 21st century.
Students are taught specific skills such as robotics, electronics and coding to improve their confidence and their capacity to transfer knowledge, understanding and practical ability across STEM subjects and contexts.
The school also focuses on the arts, with the art program run by a specialist art teacher that enables the children to handle media that is often reserved for secondary students.
The Performing Arts program at the Junior School provides a Year 2 Strings Program and a Year 5 Brass and Woodwind Program along with a Performing Arts Concert and a school musical every year.
As well as enriching students academically, St Paul’s also implements pastoral care structures so that each child is well known and can develop meaningful relationships with adults and other students. An online survey mapping tool that identifies students who are not feeling connected called ‘Trust Mapping’ is used in Years 3 to 9 as a pro-active approach to education in regard to social and emotional issues that typically arise in adolescence and identifies where appropriate support may be required.
With so many specialised opportunities on offer at St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School, currently more than 90 students travel to St Paul’s from Cardinia Shire on two St Paul’s buses that includes a supportive ‘buddy’ program for the first weeks of a student’s travel.

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