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Berwick’s new St John of God Hospital will open its doors on 18 January.
The hospital, on Kangan Drive, features a 22-bed maternity ward with a six-cot special care nursery.
The modern and spacious maternity ward features calm, spacious rooms with comfortable beds – both single and double beds depending on the patient’s medical requirements – built in sofa bedding for partners in single bed rooms, plenty of shelving and storage, access to baby bathing and change facilities and roomy ensuite bathrooms.
Patients will have access to an outdoor balcony for fresh air and there are several communal areas for the weekly schedule of classes and sessions for new parents.
A family room has been included in the design as a comfortable retreat for those waiting for a new arrival or for visitors to take some time out.
Downstairs, an outdoor playground will entertain the littlest of visitors and a cafe and retail store will have refreshments, gifts and other essentials on offer. There is a two-level basement car park for easy parking with lift access directly to the maternity unit.
Maternity nurse unit manager Amanda Rentsch has worked with hospital management to ensure the unit has been designed to best facilitate every need of a new family.
“There is a difference at St John of God. We have a different way of doing things that just goes that little bit further. We are currently looking at how we can further enhance the experience of pregnancy, delivery and post natal care for our families,” Ms Rentsch said.
“My vision is that our patients have all the information, expert clinicians and facilities they need at their fingertips to make each stage of the journey as safe, easy and enjoyable as it can be. This includes once they have left us to go home, this is when the real support is often needed,” she said.
The hospital will continue with the daily Afternoon Happy Hour, a special treat for tired new parents. Each afternoon a trolley laden with cakes, pastries, fruit, soft cheeses and biscuits and beverages circulates the unit and gives parents the chance to relax and share a special moment during what can be a very tiring time.
The level two special care nursery will house six cots for babies who need a little extra medical attention following birth. The nursery is a large and well-designed sanctuary for parents to share private moments bonding with their new baby as they receive the dedicated and special attention they need. Patients will have 24 hour access to anaesthetist and paediatric care.
St John of God Berwick Hospital is proud to support new parents in their choices and this will continue within the new unit. Parents are given access to information throughout pregnancy and birth about a variety of birthing options, feeding options and also have their choice in obstetrician.
The maternity unit at the existing Gibb Street hospital is operating as usual and will continue to offer maternity care right up until the opening of the new hospital on 18 January, 2018.
A sentimental community walk and an open day at the new hospital will be held on Sunday 7 January, 2018. Please visit to find out more and book your place.
For further information about the new hospital or having your baby at St John of God Berwick Hospital, please call 9709 1400 or visit
You can also find St John of God Berwick Hospital on Facebook and Instagram #BerwickBabies

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  1. Judy Flynn

    Many generations of my family was born at the Berwick Hospital. My grandmother was born at the hospital at Berwick. My mother, myself and my children were born at the hospital when it was known as the Berwick Bush Nursing Hositapal and my grandson was born at St Johns in 2010.

    One memory I had of the old Bush Nursing Hospital is in 1971. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child and was hospitalised for complete bed rest, not even allowed to get up to go to the toilet. I hated bedpans, so I used to try and wait until the night sister came in duty (only one on duty then). In those days there were no ensuites, just a community bathroom and this was placed down the other end of the corridor. So in the middle of the night I would sneak down the ramp to the corridor to go to the toilet. Unfortunately for me the night station where the night sister used to doze off in a comfy chair was at the end of the ramp and there was a loose board at the very end of the ramp. Every night I would try to sneak past and every night I would disturb the sleeping sister on duty you stepping in that board, but not enough for her to fully wake up. It became quite funny, as I had to wait for a while at the toilets to make sure she was back asleep so I could go back to my bed.

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