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The Puffing Billy Toy Library has a new home and an even a bigger range of toys.

Families and local organisations can now borrow from a range of nearly 1000 high quality toys aimed at kids from six months to 12 years of age.

The library’s toy offering was recently bolstered by $1000 worth of farming and agricultural toys and $800 in STEM teaching toys.

The additional toys come as the toy library settles into its new building in Emerald.

The building was opened on 21 April, with 17 local organisations and 11 sponsors coming together to celebrate the occasion.

Some 230 people attended the opening, including representatives from dairy company Fonterra which recently gave the library a $1000 grant.

Puffing Billy Toy Library volunteer and grant officer Samantha Willis urged parents to bring their children to visit the new building 5 Church St, Emerald.

The library’s range includes traditional wooden toys, high-tech toys such as programmable robots, microscopes and coding toys.

The library also boasts outdoor equipment, party packs, costumes, construction, puzzles and board games.

“We offer not only toys, but a place to call a second home, a play centre for children to mingle,” Ms Willis said.

“Come for a free tea and coffee, a chat to other like-minded mums and dads who encourage learning through play with their children.”

The library is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10am and 11.30am, with packages starting from $50 a year.

For more information visit the toy library’s website or follow it on Facebook or Instagram.

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